What should I wear?

For a typical boudoir shoot, lingerie is the go to. This doesn't mean it is set in stone though! Lots of people have used items that are either more meaningful to them, or for the loved one they are surprising. That could mean a dress shirt, sports attire, work boots, sheet from their bed, etc. The possibilities are endless! What will you bring? 

Do you only shoot nudes?

No I do not. I do shoot a lot of nudes yes, but this does not mean you have to be nude during your shoot. The reason I do shoot nudes is because I find it very symbolic. When you strip everything away and just let go, that means it's just you! Nothing more, nothing less. There is so much beauty in that! When you add the rawness of nature, it just amplifies that much more!

Can I bring a friend/partner?

Yes!! By all means! I would love for you to have a support partner to come cheer you on!

How long typically should I wait to have my photos back to me?

Approximately 5 business days.

Do you shoot indoors as well as outdoors?

Yes, I do shoot indoors, but my passion is outdoor shoots. There is so much power and beauty outside that a studio or bedroom could never replicate.

How long does the photoshoot take?

I say generally 1 hour, but depending on how the shoot is going I could shoot all day!! 😀 just kidding!! Please don't book a day off. With meetup time and shooting time and post shoot, I would set aside 2 to 2 1/2 hours. This is without drive time, so factor this in as well.

Do you offer hair and makeup?

I do not offer hair and makeup at this time.

Do you offer your service outside of New Brunswick?

Yes I do offer my services outside of New Brunswick. There may be an added travel expense involved, contact me for details.

Will you post my photos on your social media?

No and yes.

No, I will not post or print any of your photos without expressed written consent.

Yes, once I get your consent, I may post photos to my social media for promotion or print updated promo materials to use for my business. Consent will be granted prior to use.

I have an idea for a shoot, but I've never seen you post anything related to it at all. Would you be willing to shoot it?

I'm open to all sorts of ideas and we can discuss your idea(s).


How much is your service?

It is a $199 non-refundable sit fee to start. Once your photos are ready, you choose either a la carte or the package that best suits you. 

Can I have digital copies of my photos?

Unfortunately I do not offer digital copies of your prints.

Why do you only do prints?

I have two reasons:


First, yes I know, with digital you can show your session fairly easy to all your friends and followers on social media. Sadly, society still frowns upon excess skin being displayed and could have repercussions for doing so. Also with digital, it's on a small screen, or you get a like and then people move on to the next thing. I don't want my work to get tucked away. I want it to be displayed proudly!


Second: I want you to show off how amazing you look! Print always gets me excited to share. You can actually see all the detail in the work without having to squint. It feels so cool to hold it in your hands or see it on your wall.

Why is there a session fee?

The session fee is an upfront, nonrefundable fee that guarantees your shoot date and time. 

How much is it?

It is $199. This fee becomes included in any of the three tier packages you choose to purchase.

What types of payment do you take?

Currently I am only set up for cash or e-transfer payments. If demand for other forms become apparent, I will change and update this.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, I do have an introductory limited discount. If you allow me use of your photos for promotional purposes, there is $100 off the package of your choice.

Does this mean I will be on the internet?

Yes, this could mean you will be on some form of my social media and/or in promotional prints.